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Dr. Mike Inglis began his teaching career whilst still completing his PhD, and his earliest post was lecturing first-year undergraduates taking astronomy and astrophysics options at the University of Hertfordshire, in the UK.

From Hertfordshire, he went on to lecture in astrophsics at Warwick University, as a Nuffield Teaching Fellow, whilst also setting up the astronomy teaching laboratories at the university.

He has taught on topics as diverse as the Solar System, the Physics of the Interstellar Medium, Stars and Galaxies, Relativity and Cosmology, Astrophysical Techniques, and Observational Astronomy.

Throughout his career he has been recognized for his scholarship in teaching, both at univesities in the UK, and in the US.

The second edition of Mike Inglis's classic guide to observing the Milky Way in the Northern Hemisphere has been published. Newly laid out for ease of use with an increased number of images in color, it updates and improves the first edition to remain the most comprehensive book on the subject. One of the wonders of the universe we live in is the Milky Way, and this book provides a wonderful tour of its highlights for amateur astronomers.

Northern hemisphere observers interested in viewing our own galaxy's finest features will find herein detailed descriptions for every constellation that the Milky Way passes through, including stars, double and multiple stars, emission nebulae, planetary nebulae, dark nebulae and supernovae remnants, open and globular clusters, and galaxies. 

Mike also describes the one thing that is often left out of observing guides - the amazing star clouds of the Milky Way itself. In addition to the descriptive text there are many star charts and maps, as well as the latest images made by observatories and amateur astronomers around the world and in space. This updated version offers new scientific material and an easy-to-use layout perfect for many nights of fruitful observatio

At the present time, Dr. Mike Inglis teaches 3 courses;

  • Astronomy of the Solar System (AST101)
  • Astronomy of Stars & Galaxies (AST102)
  • Observational Astronomy (AST201)

Students thinking about taking these courses can find more information on the subjectcs HERE.

Students already taking the courses can take several simple self-assesment quizzes HERE.

Recent News

Dr Mike Inglis has just had a new book published - Astronomy of the Milky Way: Volume 1 - The Northern Sky.

he second volume in the series - Astronomy of the Milky Way: Volume 2 - The Southern Sky, has been sent to the publishers with a view to publication in early Spring 2018.

Dr. Mike Inglis has just had an article published in the journal Popular Astronomy, in the UK, entitled "Delights of the Winter Milky Way".

He has also been asked to write another article, to be published in the late Spring of 2018, on the Summer Milky Way.

New Book:

Astronomy of the Milky Way: The Northern Sky.

The book is an updated and revised edition of MIke's classic text., and remains the most comprehensive book on the subject.

Available from Amazon and all good book shops.

Plus: Dr Mike Inglis is currently planning a a book for 2019, which will be a companion text to accompany his book on star clusters. The new book will focus on nebulae.

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